The intention of this project is to record the history of ICT development in Sri Lanka. Through this site we are collecting the memories of those who achieved milestones on ICT development in the country. It is an undertaking to record through video interviews the memories of achievements and experiences of those who may otherwise leave no documented record. These are recordings of personal experiences and achievements which when taken as a whole add up to the overall history of ICT development in Sri Lanka. First-hand oral accounts on individual experiences of those who made significant achievements are important for students and for research but it is especially needed because history has to be documented for posterity. A documentation such as this is also important as it will dovetail with other aspects of history in Sri Lanka. The recordings span six decades commencing from the late sixties to the conclusion of the e-Sri Lanka Development Program which was implemented by the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka.

It was Prof. Gihan Dias, who first realized the necessity for such an undertaking. Prof Dias who was then a Program Director at ICTA mooted the idea around 2004, but unfortunately the project did not see the light of day at that time. In the meantime, people such as Prof. VK Samaranayake and Dr. R.B. Ekanayake, who made waves in the ICT arena have passed away.

This project is now being sponsored by the .LK Domain Registry of Sri Lanka (LKNIC). Video recordings are being carried out under areas listed below:
Payment Systems, Enabling Policy & Legal Environment, Industry, Internet & Cyber Security, Language Technology and Education & Training

Project Team

Prof. Gihan Dias – Project Director
Ms. Aruni K. Goonetilleke -Team Leader
Mr. Chamila Liyanage -Video Recorder and Editor
Ms. Chamali Perera -Web Developer