Within this site we are gathering the memories of those who reached milestones in the ICT Development story of Sri Lanka. The memories collected at present, span five decades commencing from the nineteen sixties when organizations such as the State Engineering Corporation, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Insurance Corporation, Petroleum Corporation, AMS Data Services, Walkers etc first introduced computers, long before computers became ubiquitous in Sri Lanka, up to end 2014.                      

This is a project of the LK Domain Registry and the site features descriptive interviews with those who struggled to ensure that each milestone required for further development was achieved. These are the personal reflections and memories of those whose achievements were milestones in the development of ICT in Sri Lanka.

This site includes interviews with those who reached milestones at the very initial stages in the development of ICT in Sri Lanka. This initiative will be continued.

We greatly appreciate the assistance rendered by all who agreed to be interviewed so that the efforts they made and the milestones they reached are made available to all who are interested.


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Mr. Pushpananda Ekanayaka
Mr. Pushpananda Ekanayaka has been designing letters of the Sinhala script, in different shapes from the time he was a young child. The first Sinhala font Mr. Ekanayaka designed was Malithi. In 1998, Mr. Ekanayaka released 10 fonts which he had developed, but these did not include a text typeface font. There was a necessity for a text font and consequently Mr. Ekanayake designed the hugely popular Sinhala ASCII font FM Abhaya. Thereafter, it was necessary to design and develop Sinhala fonts of various styles intended for different purposes. Consequently, he designed and developed 12 Sinhala fonts of different designs.       

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