Within this site we are gathering the memories of those who reached milestones in the ICT Development story of Sri Lanka. The memories collected at present, span five decades commencing from the nineteen sixties when organizations such as the State Engineering Corporation, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Insurance Corporation, Petroleum Corporation, AMS Data Services, Walkers etc first introduced computers, long before computers became ubiquitous in Sri Lanka, up to end 2014.

This is a project of the LK Domain Registry and the site features descriptive interviews with those who struggled to ensure that each milestone required for further development was achieved. These are the personal reflections and memories of those whose achievements were milestones in the development of ICT in Sri Lanka.

This site includes interviews with those who reached milestones at the initial stages in the development of ICT in Sri Lanka. This initiative will be continued.

We greatly appreciate the assistance rendered by all who agreed to be interviewed so that the efforts they made and the milestones they reached are made available to all who are interested.


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Mr Kolitha Dharmawardena
(Admissibility of information produced by computers and related devices)

Mr. Dharmawardena became a member of the CINTEC Committee on Law and Computers in 1986. CINTEC, the predecessor to ICTA, set up the Committee on Law and Computers to address the “formulation and incorporation into the country’s legal system suitable measures relating to computers and IT ….”.

The Committee assigned Mr. Dharmawardena the task of examining the law of evidence to ascertain whether It could deal with new conditions that could emerge through the use of computers and IT, and then preparing proposals for legislation.

This work on the admissibility of information produced by computers and other electronic devices was finalized and resulted in the Evidence (Special Provisions) Act No. 14 of 1995.

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